Coronary Interventions

Dr. Sai Satish is best proctor for coronary interventions |Dr. Sai Satish

Dr. Sai Satish is a certified proctor for complex coronary interventions involving rotablation, performing amongst the highest number of rotablations in the country, he has trained several people and set up programmes in and around India.

There are coronary interventions and then there are coronary interventions. Treating blocks that are in the main vessel carrying blood to the heart(Left Main Interventions), vessels in which the blocks have hardened like bone and are almost impossible to fix by conventional methods(Calcific Lesions), diffusely diseased vessels that are difficult to operate on, and 100% Occluded vessels(CTO Intervention),require years of meticulous training and a unique skill set. Dr. Sai Satish has been handling such cases for over 15 years now that has also included cases comprising angioplasty. As a matter of fact over 75% of his practice comprises of such patients.

Being part of a team that performs the highest number of rotablations(a diamond tipped drill that rotates at 200,000 times/min and drills through calcified lesions) in the country, he has emerged as one amongst the foremost experts in the field along with an expertise in percutaneous coronary intervention. He routinely conducts hands-on training programmes nationally as well as internationally and is a proctor for rotablation, helping begin programmes that advocate its use in Complex Coronary Interventions as well as depicting the angioplasty procedure.