Mitra Clip device used to treat mitral valve |Dr. Sai Satish

Dr. Sai has initiated the MitraClip procedure for heart failure patients from November 2018.

Mitral regurgitation is a significant component, worsening outcomes in heart failure patients. A revolutionary new devise, a tiny clip called MitraClip was recently used to successfully repair the mitral valve by clipping its two leaflets together. This significantly reduced the leak and has proven to drastically improve outcomes in these patients, lowering hospitalizations and improving quality of life with fewer symptoms.

The COAPT study conducted on patients of Heart Failure with Functional Mitral regurgitation demonstrated a statistically significant reduction of 47% in the annualized rate of all heart failure hospitalizations through 24 months in those patients who underwent MitraClip therapy. The study also demonstrated a statistically significant mortality benefit with a 38% reduction in the all-cause mortality rate v/s Medical therapy alone. In addition to the reductions in hospitalizations and mortality, the patients who received MitraClip also had significant improvements in quality-of-life measures and functional capacity demonstrated by exercise capacity, symptom score improvement and delay in disease progression.

This new data is very reassuring and this therapy will soon become the standard of care for patients of heart failure with moderate-to-severe or severe secondary mitral regurgitation who are not improving on medical treatment and also for those who have failed to respond to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT).